Consulting Benefits

Whether making evaluations remotely or in person, The SG Consulting Group tailors our services to the particular needs of the client-institution.

With that said, here are some of the benefits we could offer you:

  • Lead your summer, fall, or mid-year retreat
  • Teach your members parliamentary procedure
  • Train your new SG officers and members
  • Improve voter turnout
  • Enhance your SG’s image
  • Boost turnout at your events
  • Implement Web and e-mail elections
  • Find out how to maximize your budget
  • Learn how to leave a true legacy
  • Recruit new members—and retain them
  • Learn about your SG’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop “signature programs” that will matter to your fellow students
  • Determine how SG friendly your administrators are
  • Plan long-term for bigger-issue projects that will benefit your students
  • Develop realistic goals that can be accomplished during your term of office
  • Learn how to cope with filling the “void” after your term is over
  • Get the average student to care about SG
  • Improve relations with your administrators
  • Attract publicity for your important projects
  • Run ethical and effective campus elections
  • Get students involved at commuter campuses
  • Gain real power and influence on your campus
  • Get a vote on your institution’s board of trustees
  • How to establish credibility for your Student Government
  • Attract a strong, competent, and committed advisor
  • Develop traditions and awards to spur greater student loyalty
  • Get the most from conferences and conventions you attend
  • Deal with conflict in your organization that’s tearing you apart
  • Learn why your SG shouldn’t start an “alternative” campus paper
  • Deal with stifling rules and administrators at private institutions
  • Offer compensation to attract committed and competent leaders
  • Develop a transition plan—new officers “shadowing” outgoing ones
  • Survey your students so you really know what they want from their SG
  • Build coalitions with different and often-opposing groups and clubs
  • Get along better with the campus press, and get them to cover you
  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls that cause problems & embarrassment
  • Organize your office & organization to allow you to seamlessly move between administrations

The SG Consulting Group would be honored to serve you and your Student Government.